Angkor Thom is the largest city in Angkor Site whose name means “Great City” spans 900 hectares. It was the Capital of the Khmer Empire since the late 12th century, founded by the famous King Jayavarman VII. The city is surrounded by a wall and a wide moat. Five monumental gates allow entry into it. Within are several temples (notably the Bayon at its center, and the Baphuon) as well as the Royal Palace.


Date: 12th century

Reign: Jayavarman VII

Opening hours: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm

Tour: 10 to 15 minutes for each gate

After his coronation in 1182 AD, King Jayavarman VII fortified his capital-city of Angkor Thom with high laterite twelve-kilometer walls, pierced by five imposing gates, known as ANGKOR THOM GATES. There is one gate at each cardinal direction except the East which has two. Four-faced structure on the top, the celestial three-headed elephant, image of a standing Lokeshvara on the pediments on each side of the gates and two rows of stone gods and demons holding a snake on each side of the causeway make the scene breathtaking.

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