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Roluos Group

  Duration: 8h
  Transport: Bike

30 km

Take road N6 South and pass through the villages to attend the temples (map). The walk is beautiful, quiet and you feel as lost in the Cambodian countryside.

Cycling to Roluos Group, the 1st Angkorian capital, will allow you to discover temples from the 9th century such as Lolei Temple, Preah KoBakong Temple passing by the countryside and traditional villages. You will feel amazed by the architecture, style and materiel of construction of these temples. You will also appreciate the numerous handicraft workshops (silk, cotton, pottery, leather curving, Sbek thom). Additionally, for those who are interested in the traditional livelihood of local people, it is possible to ride a bike inside some nearby villages as Chreav village to know more about the cultivation of vegetable.

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