Preah Khan – Nothern Baray – Nursery – Spean Yorl – Ta Nei – Ta Prohm – Rohal village – Sras Srang

Rent an electric car and go to Preah Khan Temple. This Buddhist monastic complex is named Jayaçri (“Glorious Victory” in Sanskrit) in honor of the victory of Jayavarman VII over the Chams. He erected it in 1191. This site served as interim city during the construction of Ankgor Thom City. It is dedicated to Dharanindra Varman II, Jayavaraman VII ‘s Father, who is idealized here in the form of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara.

At the east exit of the temple, take a boat to enjoy the beauty of the Northern Baray (water tank of the 12th century built by king Jayavaraman VII). This leads you to the heart of the sacred Angkor forest where you can cycle to observe the different types of traditional Khmer medicinal plants and listen to birds songs. Stop at the nursery to learn more about Angkor fauna and flora, and choose what type of tree you want to grow. 

Then, proceed until Spean Yorl (“swing bridge”) that offers some views on the historic Siem Reap river and its very particular history in terms of religion and agriculture. The bypass channel structure built during the Khmer Rouge period will allow you to understand the importance of the hydraulic system of this dark time.

You will then arrive to Ta Nei temple. In its overgrown shape, you can admire the beauty of this Buddhist temple of the 12th century and its sculptures in a peace and quiet environment.

Continue to Ta Prohm temple, one of the most important temples of Angkor. It is a former monastery built by Jayavarman VII in 1186, known by the cohabitation between the monument and the trees.

At the east exit gate of the Temple, the Rohal village community proposes an ox-cart visit that will give you an overview not only on the Khmer village, but also on the daily activities of the population. In this village of Angkor live heirs of expertise in wood carving and basket weaving.

Your day ends with the discovery of the royal pond named Sras Srang, built also during the reign of King founder Jayavaraman VII. Do not miss the beautiful and unique glint of the sunset in the pond before going back quietly to your hotel.

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