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Phnom Kulen – Roluos Temples Group

  Duration: 7h
  Transport: Car - van

Before setting his capital on Kulen Montain and proclaiming himself God-King, the founder of Angkor, Jayavaraman II, led a policy of reunification. Indeed, the small states of the country were autonomous during Chenla period (8 A.D). Jayavarman II had to move several times to different places that could be considered as the provisional capital. At each place, we still cannot find the traces of the capital itself, even Hariharalaya (actually Roluos) that is why we usually consider Mahendraparvata (Kulen Mountain) as the first official Capital of Angkor.

We propose to start the visit from Mahendraparvata, located on Kulen Mountain. It has hosted people since the 9th century. Before visiting the waterfalls and the underwater carvings of Phnom Kulen, this circuit directs you to Damrei Krap temple. This temple was a sacred place during the reign of Jayavarman II. Its style expresses a mix of Cham and Khmer art. There, you will be able to try a local lunch in the community.

In the afternoon, you will finish your trip by going to Roluos, a group of three temples built in the 9th century where you can see the different architecture style from Kulen.

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