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Koh Ker – Banteay Srei – Pre Rup

  Duration: 6h
  Transport: Car - van

Start your day very early  with a visit of Koh Ker, an ancient Khmer capital built between 928 and 944 under Jayavarman IV reign. The main interest of the site is Prasat Prang, a seven tiered pyramid. Its 30 meters peak dominates the surrounding forest and the plain.

Don’t miss the Prasat Balang temple where you can see a huge Linga and one of the most preserved ones.

On the way back to Siem Reap, make a stop to Bantey Srey Temple, the “jewel of Khmer art”. Its construction was initiated at the end of the 10th century by a counselor of the King Rajendravarman. Built in pink sandstone, the walls of the temple are densely covered with elaborate and delicate carvings. They are among the finest and the most remarkable examples of Khmer classical art. Take the time to admire their delicate beauty before going to Pre Rup Temple. Built at the same period as Banteay Srei Temple by Rajendravarman II, this temple mountain offers an amazing viewpoint to see the sunrise over the surrounding countryside.

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