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Grand circuit: Kravan – Sras Srang – Pre Rup – Ta Som – Neak Pean – Preah Khan

  Duration: 8h
  Transport: Bike

26 km (does not include the 11 km from town)

Start the visit with Kravan Temple, Sras SrangPre RupTa SomNeak Pean etc., and end by Preah Khan temple.

Beside discovering temples in the heart of the jungle, you will also have the opportunity to meet with the local community in Kravan, Rohal and Sras Srang villages and share their life’s experiences. These people, who are the heir of Angkorian builders, live in Khmer traditional wooden houses and cultivate rice. They also produce some remarkable handicraft products. Furthermore, you can try an oxcart trail in Rohal and North Sras Srang village provided by Kutisavara Community.


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