Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom City – Ta Promh – Preah Khan

In the 11th century, the Kings and their descendants constructed temples for themselves and other dedicated to their ancestors. These temples are Takeo, Preah Vihear and Baphuon. But, your  fourth and last day, will be dedicated to the 12th century, the height of Khmer Empire.

You shall start by the most famous and impressive temple from that period: Angkor Wat. This temple, built by Suryavarman II, displays about 2,000 apsara carvings that are some of the finest ones in the Angkorian era. Walk into the galleries to see the bas-reliefs depicting mythological and historical scenes.

Ride an elephant from Tonle Oum South Gate to Bayon Temple, the main temple built by Jayavarman VII. Admire its bas-reliefs carved in the outer galleries and its mysterious smiling stone faces sculpted on the towers.

Then, continue your visit by discovering the wonders built by Jayavarman VII for his ancestors such as Ta Prohm, a tree-in-temple, and Preah Khan, a large monastic complex. Get relax with a boat or a canoe ride in the Baray behind Preah Khan Temple.

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