Jayavarman VII Temples

Jayavarman VII, king of Khmer Empire, reigned from 1181 to 1201. During his 30 years of reign, he initiated a vast programme of construction that included both public works and monuments. This explains why he is also known as a “Builder King”. His monuments are spread in many parts of his kingdom. He erected hospitals, rest houses, and reservoirs. Among the temples he built, the most famous one is his own temple-mountain, Bayon, around which he developed an entire city, Angkor Thom. This city measures nine square kilometers and homes major temples of the king.

We are proposing a 3-day circuit to discover the greatness of his empire.

Following this circuit, the visitors will be able to measure the development of the architectural style and technique under the king’s reign. Moreover, the visit will partly introduce the villagers’ life in the Angkor Park.

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